Specified & uncomplicated


REInvest offers customised regulated and non-regulated investment vehicles for professional investors. Whether equity participation or asset class-related debt instruments in any cases structures have to be set-up that satisfy the clients' individual requirements as well as the complex legal requirements and interests of other stakeholders.

Together with its network of specialists, REInvest consults its clients on the entire spectrum of economic issues, from regulatory suitability, right up to the acquisition of products under applicable investment law.


Together with its network of specialists, REInvest advises its clients on the entire spectrum of investment solutions.

REInvest coordinates the entire set-up process of a product, from the selection of service providers, the choice of investment vehicle, the corporate law structure and contractual implementation, right up to obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. Throughout the entire process, REInvest is always the first point of contact for its clients and their advisors.

REInvest has many years of experience in structuring indirect investments. The spectrum ranges from German special funds, unregulated national and international partnership structures, right up to Luxembourg RAIF and special funds. REIT structures, such as the US Private REIT, are also served.